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If I'm an oil painter why have I blog posts about polaroids? There is no real connection except that it's another way of observing the world and instead of looking and painting something for hours, taking a polaroid photo is instant, the outcome is unpredictable and I love the way it shows me things I haven't seen before.   

What so special about the Polaroid?  18th Aug 18

There is a feeling of being in a difference time and dimension when looking at polaroid photographs, they are warmer, softer, hazier and the colour is distinctly well polaroid, they look like the 70’s and 80’s. So why not just leave them there, after all the digital makes much more accurate photographs?

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Comparing  a vintage Polaroid P600 and the new Fujifilm  Instax SQ6

Comparing a vintage Polaroid P600 and the new Fujifilm Instax SQ6  14th Aug 18

In 2009 Polaroid went bankrupt but a new company called Polaroid Originals is making film and it has also just bought out a new camera called the OneStep2, although for my experiment I'm using the P600 made in the 90s. Fujifilm has also instant cameras and film and I chose the new Instax SQ6 because although the photographs are smaller than Polaroid Original's they are still square in shape. If you are curious to see the difference between the two cameras and films you can download my pdf.

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