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Mixing Oil Paints

Mixing Oil Paints  18th Oct 18

I'm going to be presenting an oil painting course for people who want to try something new, on The Flying Plum website.

We're testing things out at the moment and if you click the read more button you will see a short video about mixing oil paints.


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RWA 166 Open Exhibition

RWA 166 Open Exhibition  6th Oct 18

The Three Wayward Sisters on Durdham Down, Self-studies has been hung at the RWA's Open Exhibition in Bristol. They will be there from the 7th October to the 25th November 2018.

The Weyward Sisters come from Shakespeare's Macbeth. These witches are meant to be very similar to the three Fates from classic mythology and I was intrigued by what happened when I put myself into these roles: Clotho spins the “thread” of human fate, Lachesis dispenses it, and Atropos cuts the thread.

This year, for the first time you can browse and buy all the art at the RWA Open Exhibition online, The Sisters are No. 085. Click to go to the RWA.

Thoughts on oil paintings and selfies.  22nd Aug 18

The process of painting for me takes hours, weeks, maybe months where as if I take a photo and I want to catch something it takes seconds for me to take the decision to press the shutter and in that moment I give my trust to the camera. Of course if I were a professional photographer I might take hours, weeks or months to set up a shot….

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Talking about Dust Particles  14th Aug 18

The painting 'Dust Particles' was inspired by a conversation I had with my nephew Lucas. We were sitting in a room on a sunny afternoon and he told me that when he was very small, he wished we could all be dust particles like the ones we were watching, floating in a shaft of light.

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