Jo Bansall (b1965) is from Bristol, UK. In her early 40’s she decided that she wanted to learn to draw professionally from life, so she started a classical training in drawing and oil painting. She completed diplomas that taught construction, based on the method of the Renaissance masters, at the Drawing Academy (The Animation Workshop), Denmark and sight-size, based on the classical-realist tradition of the 19th century French atelier, at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy, covering a period of nearly four years as a full-time student.

"I value the skills that I learnt at these two very different schools however I have also learnt that what makes a painting profoundly touch the viewer and the reason why a painter paints is not just about technique, it goes beyond that. In my paintings I wish to push boundaries and feel I can do that more honestly by working on my own self-studies"
"What’s always struck me about Jo’s work, from the first drawings I saw by her right up to the latest (at least the Shakespeare series), apart from her way of capturing people on paper or canvas, is how completely involved she is in looking. What every drawing or painting shows (most of the ones I’ve seen have been some sort of portrait but this applies to still lifes and landscapes, too) is just how hard she’s looked and what persona or story has emerged from her looking. The approaches and expressive techniques may have varied, but the focus almost seems to have been more on the looking than on the interpreting. And I suppose, when you do that, at some stage it’s only natural to wonder about who’s looking, so an interest develops in self-portraits or rather self-studies and all the potential identities within, whether you interpret them individually, socially, universally, theatrically...."
Friend, viewer, sitter.
Patricia Hampton



Still Lifes



RWA 166 Annual Open Exhibition
Queen's Road, Bristol, 07 October - 25 November 2018

Prilic (PRIvate and PubLIC)
Hotwells Public Baths, Jacob’s Wells Road, Bristol, December 2017

The South West Academy Open Exhibition
Exeter Castle, September 2016

New Artist Fair
The Old Truman Brewery, London September 2016

Solo exhibition, Bristol July 2016

Art Competition and Exhibition 2016 at the Broadway Arts Festival
Cotswolds, June 2016